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Analysis on Cybersecurity Control and Monitoring Techniques in Industrial IoT: Industrial Control Systems

The paper focuses on the analysis on cybersecurity monitoring and control potentials in industrial IoT systems (ICSs, SCADA etc.). The Industrial Internet of Thing as part of IoT technology has provided an opportunity to build powerful industrial control systems and its applications with IIoT devices, especially in the manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical industry etc. These integrated IoT/IIoT systems needs cybersecurity monitoring and control due the present and unrelented cyberattacks on these systems. We explore in detailed 5 (five) techniques that aids cybersecurity monitoring and control in industrial IoT and other related industries. In this paper, we carried reviewed on past and recent events on cyberthreats and cyberattacks research literatures in industrial IoT systems (ICS, SCADA etc.) and other industries, which were used as research materials. In conclusion, the paper outlined industrial control system (ICS) incident response, defensible architecture, ICS network visibility monitoring, secure remote access, and risk-based vulnerability management that can create an efficient and effective cybersecurity techniques in industrial IoT systems. Inconclusion, we discover new ideas, applications, monitoring and best practices with critical control measures that will benefit other industries when deployed.

Industrial IoT, Cyber-Attack, Cyber Threats, SCADA, Industrial Control Systems, Oil and Gas

APA Style

Aziboledia Frederick, B., Egerton Taylor, O. (2023). Analysis on Cybersecurity Control and Monitoring Techniques in Industrial IoT: Industrial Control Systems. Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, 11(1), 1-17.

ACS Style

Aziboledia Frederick, B.; Egerton Taylor, O. Analysis on Cybersecurity Control and Monitoring Techniques in Industrial IoT: Industrial Control Systems. Internet Things Cloud Comput. 2023, 11(1), 1-17. doi: 10.11648/j.iotcc.20231101.11

AMA Style

Aziboledia Frederick B, Egerton Taylor O. Analysis on Cybersecurity Control and Monitoring Techniques in Industrial IoT: Industrial Control Systems. Internet Things Cloud Comput. 2023;11(1):1-17. doi: 10.11648/j.iotcc.20231101.11

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